Home Inspection Pricing

Pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection: A typical home inspection includes a computerized report with pictures. This report is customized for each home.


Single-Family Homes

Under 1500 sq ft - $370
1501-2500 sq ft - $430
2501-3500 sq ft - $490
3501-4500 sq ft - $550

4501-5500 sq ft - $610



Under 1500 sqft - $330
1501-2500 sq ft - $380
2501-3500 sq ft - $430
3501-4500 sq ft - $480

4501-5500 sq ft - $530

5501-6500 sq ft - $670


Two Family Homes



Three Family Homes



Four Family Homes



Radon monitoring

The radon monitor is a continuous monitor taking readings every hour. A typical test is a minimum of 48 hours. $130


Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography allows the inspector to visually see the temperature. With the color screen and optional screenshot reports, cold and hot spots are easily detectable. The camera is used to detect moisture that may not be visible to the eye, scan walls for lack of insulation, and scan electrical boxes and panels for dangerous hot spots that could cause a fire. Scans and reporting is done by the hour $80/hr


Walk Through Inspection

This inspection includes all aspects of a pre-purchase inspection except with no report. The client follows the inspector around the property and takes their own notes. This is great for a property that is sold "as is", and will not be negotiated and also for pre-sale inspections. $300